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This is the yard that Jack built!

Jack Waddington

Never one to throw anything out, Jack Waddington founded Waddington Timber in 1969. He built a thriving business through hard work, determination and above all else his willingness to help others.


Jack sold and delivered wood as well as making all manner of wooden items from dog kennels to bird boxes, fences to sheds.

Everyone loved Jack. He was warm, knowledgeable, extremely clever and his door was always open. Some customers just popped in for a cuppa and a catch up, others to ask for a certain something that only Jack would have buried in his shed! Whatever the reason, he would always make time for you no matter how busy he was.

Sadly, Jack passed away on 19th March 2021 – such a loss to all who knew him. He had an amazing life which he lived to the full. He will be forever in our hearts and memories.

Everything at Waddington timber is named in honour of our friend, Jack’s Yard, Jack’s Shed, Jack’s Stable etc. There is even a bench at the top of the road with a plaque reading ‘Jack’s View’ as this is the view he loved.


Jack loved his job and loved people, he was the salt of the earth and is missed terribly by everyone who knew him.